That dude who I went on a couple of dates with, ghosted on me and, I thought, stole my favourite shirt? Yeah, still an utter tool I am SO much better without, but not turns out he’s guilty of the shirt theft.

As i’m now free from the whiteboardface, I paid a visit to the new Ikea that’s opened down the road from me; all very exciting and quite weird to have one ten minutes down the motorway instead of the hour it used to be. In the process of putting up some new shelves for all my uni and art books and making use of my new purchases to organise my living space a little better, I found my shirt in a crumbled ball in between my sofa and my bed. I’d looked down the back of the sofa, under my bed, everywhere – or so I thought.

I am so happy to have it back!! And just in time for great gallivant to the States woo.

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