Birmingham Town Hall taken on my way home after a shitty conference day.

Counting the days ’til I get a break from work; it’s exam and reporting this week and next, so things are a bit on the stressful side. I think i’m anaemic again, or at least the heart weirdness, perma-tiredness and general feeling of my body falling apart has returned. More self-medication experimentation. Perhaps I need some regular steak action. OR A VISIT TO THE FUCKING DOCTOR.

Thoughts of The Essay, artmaking, procrastination, the end-of-term, Summer and what to do, where to go. Nowhere? Fantasies of deserts, baking stillness, a gentle hand on the small of my back.


So, a week to go.


Edited to add: This security camera footage of a Minions balloon falling to Earth after eight months nestling up in the domed ceilings of the Birmingham Museum of Art

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