When Is Friday Now?

Oh why is it not Friday already?

The exhibition installation efforts and spending a weekend in a cold warehouse has not helped encourage my sinuses to throw off their mucal shackles; it’s just past 9pm and i’m thinking about heading to bed. Under a three-layer quilt/blanket combo. With a hot water bottle. Washed down with a dose of ibuprofen.

The exhibition: A resounding success i’d say. We estimated about 200 people were at the private view, then around 60 a day over Saturday and Sunday. My headteacher attended (yikes!) as well as other colleagues from work which was nice, and there were a multitude of useful what-are-we-doing-here-type conversations with my friends from the course.

Thankfully, everything was a lot easier to take down than it was to put up; it’s all still sat in my kitchen space as I try to motivate myself to tidy the flat detritus. I need to put the work up on my walls but am putting things off to hibernate a bit. Once my sinuses are better I know i’ll feel less under the weather about things.

Shower. Book. Bed.

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