Drinks with The Dream Team

Oh man. The Weekend. Hooray.

Amid the work and exhibition prep stress, I am looking forward to a day at Caversham Princess’s marking the impending reproduction of Bobby Convey. M is going to be there too – it’s as I cheesily call us, The Dream Team – the oldest bunch of friends – met at school, seen each other at our best and worst, still going strong. The sort where you can pick up conversation no matter how long you’ve been apart. Booze and fine foods are going to be consumed, along with a shit tonne of ice cream. Yay!

Exhibition: our exhibition website is now live, the flyers have been delivered to hundreds of people and venues in Oxford, the business cards have arrived and the work is almost done. I say almost, in that I need to trim and mount it, which I know is going to be tricky, and i’d really like to put up another piece, but I know that it’s pretty unlikely i’ll get it done in time. At least I have something to show!

The fabulous dress I ordered is indeed fabulous, however it’s silk and creased to fuck, so i’m not looking forward to sorting that shit out. A sojourn in my bathroom whilst I showered dropped a few creases out but a very very careful ironing awaits. It’s a great example of my priorities – have the cards, done the website, got my outfit planned – and it’s going to be really chilly at the private view and I haven’t even got all the work done yet.


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