Things I have discovered/re-discovered after ten hours in the studio space today.

  • Standing up for hours is hard work.
  • Painting on a large scale is physically taxing.
  • The right trouser choice is important – jeans are too constricting, jogging bottoms too loose, leggings are just right. Oh for my army surplus combats of yore.
  • Hydrogen buses are exceptionally noisy (is this the aircon?) – the space is next to multiple bus stops.
  • Some people are interested in what you’re doing and will take the time to stop and look.
  • The “special” inhabitants of town – wearing the team hat, sunglasses on at 11pm, granny trolley in tow – will knock on the window and tell you “It’s a nice picture that.”
I really am not sure what i’m doing. But that’s okay.

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