So, my ploy worked and I have an interview next Wednesday :)

Looks like it’ll just be me, as they’ve not uploaded the advert to the TES yet, so in some ways much less stressful, but in other ways the most pressure ever, as I really want the job and the outgoing Head of Department really wants me to get the job. Plus, HOD is a position I don’t feel entirely comfortable with, but we shall see.

2 Responses to Interview

  1. S says:

    Good luck with this, M! I will be hitting the road home tomorrow. About an 11 hour drive from Salt Lake City, UT to home in New Mexico. Beautiful driving, but I am looking forward to being back home. Keep your spirits up – refusing to bow down to those with whom you disagree is what life is all about, huh? If we gave in, or all got along – where would the fun be in that? I suppose you’ll be out for the summer soon. Have a wonderful summer break and here’s wishing you many memorable adventures!

    • monky says:

      Thanks S! Utah to New Mexico sounds like a fabulous drive – one day i’d love to visit NM… the landscape does look starkly beautiful.

      Interview: If I get it, I may not get the position on merit, but it’s an example of making a compromise and making the best of things I suppose.

      Alas, we don’t break up for the Summer until the last week of July – kids here go back start of September – so quite a long drag ahead. And no big jaunt for me this year but i’m sure i’ll go somewhere for a short break. I hope you have a fabulous Summer too!