Good Things!

Some positivity with regards the future – actual things to look forward to – quelle shock!

First off, the post-grad artist teacher course is actually going ahead, as they’ve managed to get enough people to commit, so come the end of August I’ll be embarking upon formal learning for the first time in nine years. Yikes. I’m really looking forward to it, the challenge it will bring, and am hopeful that it will encourage me towards getting back to making my own work – which yes, I do at the moment with pottery, but in the sense of a kick up the backside with regards doing this more regularly.

Secondly, whilst trying to work out whether I could afford to go back to Colorado before the start of my course, I emailed by Favourite Aunt to see if she’d let me stay at her house for a couple of nights. Totally unexpectedly, she said that I could stay at hers for as long as I wanted :) :) :)

It’ll be different from last year in that the house will be full, with her, her husband (ugh) and kids, but being able to slash the cost of accommodation makes things SO much more affordable. So, super looking forward to that too.

Hurrah for positive things!

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