Flat Improvement

So how am I settling in to the new place? Well, thanks.

I now have a phone-line, as well as a bed (I built it yesterday) so no more sleeping on the floor. I am very pleased with it; I went for a metal framed number, with black metalwork and brass knobs, as I have always wanted a bed I could be handcuffed to, and now I have it :)

Still to do, and almost certainly not happening before the Christmas break: Resurrect the Expedit shelves, build another chest of drawers, build – and raise – a rather tall wardrobe, put up the blackout blinds, organise stuff to be recycled or put up in the loft (I am living in an island in a sea of boxes, plastic wrap and discarded cardboard), come up with some sort of solution for cutlery storage (I don’t have a drawer for such a purpose) and get hooked up to the t’internet.

My fingers are still swollen and a bit sore from moving everything, and i’m a patchwork of bruises, but I feel happy to have a phone-line, to be the responsible one paying the bills, to live somewhere I don’t have to listen to conversations a metre from my door, to look out my windows and look at the park, to feel more secure and comfortable in my home.

Still a hell of a lot to do, but things are… satisfying.

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