Tiiiiired. Left the house at 7.30am, came home at 7.30pm. Yays. The joys of parents evenings. I am MUCHLY looking forward to a lie-in at the weekend let me tell you. Plus, PARTY on Saturday woooooooooooooooo.

The internet at home has been down for a couple of days, so to relax post-work i’ve been spending some quality time with Crockett and Tubbs, which has been ace. Which reminds me, I need to look for that giant Eighties Don Johnson poster I saw a year back on eBay. I can imagine it hanging in my new flat.

(fingers crossed)

2 Responses to TFI(nearly)F

  1. S says:

    Hey M – as you can tell I have been on the road a good bit lately. As always, the blog, which would be a high point any time, really makes hotel life bearable. Although, supposedly, I’m not in a hotel. I’m in a “dormitory” for an executive training institute. Hmmm. Really? Let’s see, bad bed, no fridge, daily maid service, bad art on the walls. Seems like a hotel to me. Anyway, it’s two weeks of intense training in how to interact with people, make decisions, etc. I have learned so far….I am an INTP on the Meyers-Briggs personality continuum, which means my feelings that I “got it” and was ready to leave last Tuesday were valid. Ho hum. You can see it will be a loong two weeks. Thanks godd my seminar mates like to drink. It’s almost comedic.

    Sorry the blues keep creeping closer to the light. And this is a shitty time of year for those kinds of memories. My instructors would tell you to examine why you feel down and turn it into some kind of catharsis. I will tell you I have no magic bullet except to say I am sorry it sucks. Go out, blow it out with your friends and keep moving forward as best you can. I wish happiness for you.

    As for the oryx, yep, it was a herd reduction hunt. And I didn’t get one, but I scared the living piss out a lot of them with my errant shots (turns out my gun sighting was all messed up). Thankfully it was so off I missed completely. I would have felt terrible if I had wounded one and it got away. Also, I do not hunt anything I am not going to eat. The whole focus of the hunt is to put meat in the freezer. That said, thank god we can buy mat at the store. If I were a prehistoric hunter, this would be the where the fossil evidence would show an abrupt end of the line…

    It sounds like your move is going through. Good luck to you on that deal closing. Maybe a change of living space will lift your spirits. You never can tell.

    well, time to sign off. Take care of yourself. S

    • monky says:

      Hey S – An “executive dorm”? This sounds kind of bizarre. Doesn’t everyone devolve into teens in some way when they sleep communally? The last time I slept in a room with friends I ended up talking for about two hours, when I should have been asleep. A real boost for our friendship, but not for productivity the next day. I hope your liver copes with the two week sojourn!

      You’re an INTP? Haha- this makes me laugh, as I vacillate between INTP and INFP. I came to all this personality typing rather late, after Coppell encouraged me to put myself into a box; I was rather pleased to tell him that I straddled a couple of types. Fuck you, boxes!! Whichever I lean towards, from reading the descriptions of the two types I came to the conclusion that I am always going to be the outsider when it comes to work, where the likes of me are certainly not welcome. Of course, although I can see a lot of myself in the two types, the research on typing is not very positive.

      The memory blues are being kept in abeyance at the moment through the browsing of furniture and paint and the gathering of interior design ideas. I will be pleased to have so many flat-pack items to put together and decorate over the Christmas period, though I know that I will still automatically think of Coppell and Meathead, Pittsburgh and Fallingwater. Sigh.

      I don’t know what the catharsis could be with regards memories. I figure keeping busy, maybe doing some experimentation in my sketchbooks would be useful?

      “…my gun sighting was all messed up…” That’s what they all say, right? :D