It’s Here:

Half Term.

Beverages with Leia Ewok Village and Flambé this evening. Looking forward to sliding under my duvet plus Mum’s quilt combination that I have going on at the moment. May get my hot water bottle action on whoooooooo.

Yes, so the weather has turned cold enough for me to roll out the hat, down jacket and gloves; I can’t remember when I last more my duvet jacket, but i’m sure it was when me and Coppell were still together, as when I put it on today I caught the scent of him and his Pittsburgh apartment, which made me feel pretty sad. Meathead used to pull my jacket off the sofa and curl up in it to sleep, so the scent of his cologne plus dog makes me feel lonesome. SIGH.

Aaaaanyway, I went on a date with an actual man – GTX – whom I passed the time easily with, however following up with him he wanted to see me again as a friend, so I said no thanks to that. He lived a bit too far away, and although dapper, it’s that whole conundrum of if you get on well with someone is that on the basis of some sort of attraction or on a puppy dogs and ice-cream vibe.


It was an enjoyable evening out despite the result, and i’m making good progress on getting rid of the butterflies that inhabit me pre-first date. I think this might be down to not-giving-much-of-a-fuck syndrome. Not quite fatalistic, but veering close to it; I go into the evening optimistically but realistically, understanding that a few hours spent with someone new is not the be all and end all, and trying someone on is something good to do, even if naught longer comes of it.


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