“A deep respect for life, that’s underlying everything, our creator gave us life…”

Just seen this really excellent way to frame the anti-choice, “life begins at conception” argument that is hideously popular at the moment in the US:
“1. You’re walking down the street. You turn the corner and see a child starting to run out between cars into the path of a truck. The driver can’t see the child. Your life will be seriously at risk if you try to save the child. Do you take that risk?

2. Similar situation, but instead of a child it’s a container of in-vitro embryos, being taken to a clinic. The container somehow dropped out of the transport vehicle. The oncoming truck will crush the container, killing perhaps hundreds of embryos. Again, your life will be seriously at risk if you try to pull the container out of the road. Do you take that risk?”

3. You’re walking down the street. You see an accident. The driver isn’t conscious. A container of embryos lies by the driver’s door. The car is about to explode. You only have time to save the driver or the container, not both. Do you save the one adult, the hundred embryos, or not take the serious risk to your own life?”

“If you truly believe each life is equally valuable, you will gladly risk your own life and choose: child, embryos, embryos

Most people I know would choose: child, themselves (not worth risking their own life), driver

A few people I know would choose: themselves, themselves, themselves (and blame the parents, clinic personnel, and driver)”

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