Excellent night marking A-Hunting We Will Go‘s leaving for pastures new and promising; there was dinner and much lovely conversation with McCy followed with mucho drinking, dancing and watching the rain pitter-patter onto the street I was very happy not to be stood in.

Today I went to see what turned out to be quite a large exhibition of artworks by local artists, craftspeople and students. It was full of the usual clichéd art school stuff, as well as the expected selection of twee and/or creepy stuff by independent artists. There was some interesting, appealing stuff here and there amongst the dross; I particularly liked the colourful, highly textural work created by adults with disabilities- much more joyful than overworked oil paintings of mystic foxes in mysterious forests… Yes, really.

The experiments I was doing at work in my free time have long since ended as my workdays seem to be very full at the moment. The exhibition served as a reminder that what I was doing was not exactly refined nor as worthwhile as some people’s, but my work could hold its own if I put my mind to it.

Seriously tired, and i’ve a very busy week ahead: tomorrow brings the Year 13 Leaver’s Ball, Tuesday is an after-school meeting, the kids’ work is being moderated by the external examiner, seeing Flambé Thursday before the Year 11 Prom at the end of the week. I also have to try to keep going with the running and occasionally teach.

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