wrestling ticket!My ticket for the nosebleeds for the heavyweight freestyle division arrived today.

I am excited!

I quite like the design of the tickets (I particularly like the calendar tab to the top left), and am pleased at the free travelcard enclosed. Hurrah.

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  1. S says:


    Traveling again (charlottesville, virginia this week), and as is my wont, I peruse your blog before settling in. First, on a personal note, kudos on the slow work of moving on. Second, on a more personal in a friendly sort of way, I am officially jealous as shi* of you for having tickets to what is going to be an awesome event! Not to mention the fact you have the Olympics in your backyard but to score boxing tickets? Jealous I am. When I lived in Hawaii, local boy done good, former olympian brian viloria fought a match in Honolulu, and I popped for ringside seats at 75.00 a pieace (I figured (correctly) my one and only chance to get that close. It was incredible. Even if you bring a pair of binoculars, the energy in that place is going to reach your seats. Enjoy it and savor it! (still jealous by the way) Take care of yourself.

    • monky says:

      Hi S – Although I applied for a ticket to the boxing I wasn’t successful, but I did manage to get one for the wrestling, so you can stay happy in the knowledge that no, i’m not going to see any sweet science, just large men in tight Lycra getting up close and intimate!

      I’m looking forward to it rather a lot, even if i’m not going to be at a venue on the Olympic park. I do need to educate myself on the ins and outs of freestyle wrestling as I have no clue. There are still tickets on offer for the boxing, but they’re pretty pricey, so I need to have a careful think as to whether it’s worth my while to spend a lot of money to sit faaar away watching a match that I battled through London’s undoubtedly fucked up transportation system (IN HIGH SUMMER!) to see. THE JOYS.

      Kudos on moving on? Hardly. I think about him most days, wonder how he is. A small part of me still hopes he’ll sort himself out and “come to his senses” as they say, but a large part of me knows that’s unlikely to happen. So, it’s back to just me being me. I’m the same as before I met Coppell, which is perhaps what makes it harder? He’s the one that ended things because of what he needed to work on, not because of any deficit on my part. I often feel like, “What now?” as i’m “same as it ever was”- the same person that he found appealing, just that he’s not around.

      I don’t know when i’ll be able to say i’ve “moved on”. When I feel like “dating” AKA sitting around for someone to notice me? When I pass a week without thinking of him? He’s due to leave the country in September; how will I feel then?

      It’ll be two months since the end of things come the middle of this month, and I feel like i’ve made some progress, so I guess that’s something.

      Anyway, hope hotel life isn’t being too hard on you… All the best to you and yours.

  2. S says:

    Hi M,

    Why, yes, my name is Mr. Bungle. First – for not reading the fine print and assuming that two figures mano a mano was boxing. Color me stupid. Or blind. And a double whack on my head for not being clear that my kudos were for the work of moving on, not the state of having moved on. I am sure it is hard, well, I know it is hard, sort of, having been inexplicably rebuffed when I thought things were going along so well. Not invested as deep as you were but headed that way. And rejected for the rich, high society boy, to boot – which set off my scrappy sense of outsider looking in more than i should have allowed. Emotions are such difficult things to have. No owner’s manual, no rhyme or reason. Fabulously rich when they’re good; punishingly cruel when they’re not. And this is the part when people will tell you it’ll all work out, just give it time, blah, blah, blah. I will skip that part because I know it sucks and there are no words anyone can speak, short of him saying “I fucked up” that could change anything.

    As for hotel life, I will tell you it beats being home. My wife has the boys up to see their grandparents for two months. Four days gone, and I miss them already. Now, one might say, won’t you enjoy the two months alone to get things done, leave the seat up, etc.? Ah, but wait. My brother, who has been jobless for three years, broke up with his girlfriend and asked if he could move in. What could I say? So I am going home to try to help him get his act together. He has gained an enormous amount of weight and his job search strategy seems to be taking online computer courses that lag behind the most current state of computer science. Wait…my psychic sense tells me there will be a very frank discussion in his future. I love the guy and I can’t toss him out with nothing but I can’t let him hide in my basement eating junk food forever. With any luck, at least he’ll take on some chores with the horses….

    Please take care of yourself. And I am still envious you are going to see anything remotely linked to the Olympics…..

    • monky says:

      Haha – you know I appreciate Mr Bungle/Mr Patton!

      “I fucked up” would be a beautiful admission. From our very limited interactions post-dumping, I got the impression that Coppell was hugely angry at/with me, and saw me as an annoyance that he’d quite like to just disappear. He didn’t seem able to take responsibility or fully admit his failings, or even be honest. I was the one doing wrong by asking him for some truth and compassion.

      As time is passing I realise that the anger I perceived, the online stuff etc, all of it is symptomatic of “issues” of his and that as he stated at the time, he really was not “available”. He was dealing with stuff as best he could, in ways he already knew; if he’d been open to discussion other paths could have been outlined, but as he wasn’t open, here we both are. Or should I say, here I am, and there he is :) I still think he was the right person for me, at the wrong time for him.

      Aaanyway, your home life sounds a bit messy at the moment! One of my family members has been unemployed/working minimum wage for three years and is still living at home, and I have no idea how they keep going. No holidays, not very many friends, little money and no partner; aspirations are slowly crushed along with hope. The JOYS of the current economic climate.

      I guess your brother will have to move out when your family comes back from the Summer break? So there’s a time limit there for him I guess? I don’t envy the conversation you will have to have with him; i’m sure he realises it’s coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Maybe getting started with the horses will help? Something practical involving contact with other living, breathing organisms? Apologies for going all teacher on you here!

      Anyway, I hope you get on Google Chat or Skype with your family and that your brother doesn’t drive you too crazy…!

      • S says:

        Hi M,
        Well, un (for me) fortunately (for him) there’s plenty of room for him. BUT! he claims it’s only for 6 mos to a year. A time during which I will have The Talk with him. Which will go something like this: I understand what you WANT to do, but maybe you should focus on what you HAVE to do. I am not looking forward to that. And truth be told am simmering inside at my father for enabling/sheltering/coddling him for years. Now my dad is remarried to a Northern California wine and cheese consultant who has buzarre allergies (once claimed to be allergic to dim sum; however, once she tasted it and figured out what it was, she quickly got over it). Ugh. That’s an ugh for me. not my life. I think it’s bad form to blab pity all over the Internet, so let’s just say, my brother is in for a short term stay during which I hope to get him into a better (and geographically different) place than he is now. For now, I love him and he needs a helping hand and some kindness. Happy to help.

        Seriously, thank you for caring. And yes, one of these days I’ll get on the old Skype. And on a plane at the midpoint to go to Chicago to see everyone. And renovate a bathroom while they’re gone.

        BTW – I thought of your blog the other day while submersing myself in my closet hotel room obsession: youtube re-runs of America’s Got Talent (which I am hooked on thanks to Britain’s Got Talent). I can’t watch one minute of it while at home but put me in a hotel room with time to kill and I am like a rat on crack. So, I saw a group who called themselves the aurora light painters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsOJu3pWEg0 When I saw it, the whimsy and creativity struck me.

        Anyhow, that’s it. I hope you are well. Take care of yourself.