Beautiful day today. The plants I ordered months back were delivered today, so I have some new geranium friends outside my window. Hurrah. I potted them up into larger containers and hope that they will last more than a few months. Half of my plant friends from last year have survived, wonder-of-wonders.

Many of the pelargoniums I chose are weird sorts – night scented, tuberous, black flowered – because they’re interesting and hey, it’s me. They need more care than the hardy sorts, so these will be more of a test.

As I was driving home from work I marvelled at the blue sky and the warmth coming through the open window onto my skin. At the same time I thought of the unseasonably hot weather that marked me and Coppell’s first non-date. I also wondered if he was enjoying the weather, and wished I was sharing the experience with him.


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