OBVIOUSLY all MY fault yet again…

I can’t really be bothered to go through and pick apart the reasons why teachers are not responsible for the riots of last Summer, as that would be effort expended on something really not worth my time. I could be eating peanut butter on warm toast. Mmmm.

Instead, have a read of the estimable Tom Bennett’s very good summary of why the report’s conclusions are total bollocks:
“Their school solution is true comic genius: we need to build student’s character. Now this is like shooting fish in a barrel, but here goes: what character would you like them to have? By whose standards? How would we assess such a thing? What rate of progress would you like? How would we personalise such programmes? Would they learn best in groups or independent enquiry projects? How would they be assessed? No? No idea at all? Then DO f*ck off. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Fortunately I do, and so do millions of teachers.”
“Building character is a fine aim for a school; but our primary job is to teach. Perhaps you noticed? It’s in my contract. Building character is incidental to my role; I aim for it indirectly by providing a good example of behaviour and conduct. But it cannot be taught directly. I presume you don’t like brain washing? How many more or less rioters would be produced by a few assemblies or units on ‘not rioting’?”
The Behaviour Guru: Tom Bennett’s School Report – Teachers ’caused the riots’, and failing an Ofsted is good for you- It’s Odd Box

Interesting info from London’s Poverty Profile on attainment at age eleven: “Educational attainment at age 11 is higher in London than in the rest of England, and has been improving faster.”

Hmmm… The teachers are to blame, eh?

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