Nice kid banter

Whilst we were out at the weekend, a group of girls I teach saw me and Coppell having lunch by the waterside; today I had them period five, and they brought up their sighting- they’re always excited to see me outside of school (it’s as if they’re amazed to see that I do indeed occasionally have a life outside of the classroom):
Girl One “Miiiiiiss, how was your date at the weekend?”
Me “Oh, I wasn’t on a date. I was out with my significant other.”
Girl Two “Is he fit Miss?”
Me “Not in an Abercrombie “fit” sort of way that *you* might think of as “fit”, but I don’t like those sort of men.”
Girl Three “Are you going to get married and have babies, Miss?!”
Me “Er, no… not right just this minute…”
Girl Two “Hmmm… Is he more of a TopShop man?”
Me “Oh nooo… they are faaar too wimpy for my tastes.”
Girl One “More ruggedly handsome, eh Miss?”
So there you have it: 14-year-olds think Coppell is “ruggedly handsome”. Win :)

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