Monday evening and i’m feeling tired and washed out. The weekend was a full one :)

Picked Coppell up from the airport on Saturday morning dressed in shirt, tie and chauffeur’s hat; I had to work hard to convince the *actual* chauffeur that was waiting for him to go home (I showed him Coppell’s entry on Facebook). Alas, I forgot to bring the sign I had made with his name spelled out as wrongly as I could manage, but after shouting at him as he came back into the world at arrivals, he noticed me soon enough.

It was gooooood to see him…!

Managed to leave the hat and my cup of hot chocolate on the roof of the car as I made my way out of the multi-story car park; the beeping from other cars alerted me to my error and wonder of wonders, both items were still on the top when I jumped out to look. I was a bit distracted I guess…! I was pretty impressed that the curling exit ramp had not thrown them off into the path of descending cars.

His palatial flat is ten minutes round the corner from mine and is the sort of place I could only dream of living in; it’s split-level, and the bedroom is in the basement, which is something i’ve always thought would be a good thing for tranquil, dark sleeping conditions and security. The flat has those “soft-close” drawers, which I enjoyed opening and closing a fair few times (easily amused, me); even the toilet lid slooowwwly shuts when you close it. This new-fangled technology, eh? :)

Alas, Coppell is now away for two weeks learning how to rape and pillage the Earth extra good, so it’s back to my usual solo living in a tiny space. Booooo. I’m feeling a bit glum this evening, I think due to the “love me and leave me” nature of the weekend, but mainly because I’m really gosh-darned tired. Work is very busy at the moment, and what with Coppell not actually being here, it’s a bit of a “post-firework kaboom!” thing. I can’t wait for Friday and sleeeep… and time spent child-free at poolside doing fuck all. Hurrah.

I’m considering what is my “normal” or happy medium when it comes to interaction, sex and intimacy, both in form and frequency. What makes me feel happy and secure? When every relationship prior has been how not to do things, it’s going to take some time to figure out my comfort zone. I’m still working towards being comfortable initiating physical contact, but this I am sure will sort itself out with time. We’re only on day twenty by my (poor) calculations…

It is weird to think that Coppell is now over here. Very weird.

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