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Cantore AheadEnjoying the End-Of-The-World-Is-Nigh bombastic reportage about Hurricane Irene on The Weather Channel; I have been particularly taken with the ridiculousness of the presenters standing near raging seas in unpredictable winds.

Jim Cantore seems to be a bit of a legend for this. There are numerous examples on YouTube of what I would describe as foolhardy behaviour in the face of extreme weather.

It seems like if you see Cantore coming, you should get the fuck out of Dodge as they say.

I think my favourite clip is of Cantore getting all weather geek excited at the appearance of Thunder Snow. Bless.

Then there’s Mike Bettes falling over in the face of Hurricane Ike

Not Cantore but amusing nonetheless…

BoingBoing – Hurricane Irene: Dude streaks through Weather Channel live shot (video, pic, NSFW)

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  1. S says:

    I had the same reaction over here! Of course, when I clicked on your blog, I thought, “Well, maybe I can get some respite from Irene here. Surely they wouldn’t push this on the rest of the Western world.” Wrong. I tell you, the relative isolation of being stuck in the desert heightens the sense of foolishness. Call me old and crotchety, but the broadcast saturation and level of hype just illustrates to me the breadth of our reliance on media for information and our reluctance to decide for ourselves when an event is not an event. So sorry you have to suffer through it with us… But love the Cantore shots!