Week Two of Summer freedom. I’ve settled in to the familiar “grind” of having time off with not much to do: Rising late, siesta after lunch even though i’ve only been awake for a couple of hours, late night film watching and even later bed. The siesta-ing makes me cross actually as I know i’m then only going to stay up later; it’s just very hard for me to avoid doing so. Must try harder.

I’ve been getting out and about a bit, last week meeting Leia Ewok Village in Lahndhan Tahn for lunch and bitching, coffee (and more bitching) with my old teaching mentor in town and Pilates and pool lounging over odd afternoons. I even managed to “achieve” some sunburn. Go me. Planning for my week in Paris is taking place and I am still rather excited at getting to go back there. Good food and culture I hope awaits; I just need to remember to bring ear plugs as my Mum snores.

To pass the time cheaply i’m watching the latest (and last ever) season of The Closer – how I *love* that program! – and The Killing, which is proving to be a nice, gloomy watch as I sit inside out of the sun’s heat. For someone who enjoys crime fiction it’s rather stupid that I haven’t watched the original, much-praised Danish version; I guess i’m feeling lazy?

On the subject of laziness, another toy has gone to the Great Sex Toy Graveyard in the sky; this has at least given me an excuse to spend hours perusing and comparing strengths, girths and colourways in search of what I hope will be a good combination of form and function. I slapped down over £60 in the process of doing so and I really hope this will be money well spent. I had to get my tape measure out and everything.

Anyway, Pilates and pool tomorrow. Some actual exercise, at least for an hour…

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