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Bras I Have Known and Loved

I was all set to go for drinks with a self-described slut (yes, really) when he up and cancelled on me. Grrr. This was disappointing, but it got me to thinking about how all my nice underwear is the wrong size and the stuff I wear day-to-day is uninspired and unsatisfying.

I haven’t thought about presenting my intimate self in an appealing way for a long time – years and years – and so i’ve started to go through all my old, lovely stuff and sort it out to give away to friends. Some of it is very, very pretty and I remember the fun I had wearing it, so it’s a bit sad to get rid of it.

However, I also remember the number of pieces that I bought with the expectation that someone (i.e. MW#1) would appreciate me in them, only for them to remain unused in the box of fancy underwear I keep in my wardrobe. So, it’s good to think that *someone* might get some actual appreciation whilst wearing them, even if it isn’t me.

Am now getting on with lots of hand washing…

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