Excellent day today: Pilates at lunchtime followed by several hours by and in the pool. Remembered the sunscreen this time…

Must try to take a covert photo of the scene by the pool. It is rather pretty when the sun’s out.

5 Responses to Caliente

    • monky says:

      OH GOD. Do you know I thought of that when I wrote those words? It’s like a disease. Thanks Baz Luhrmann. The only piece i’ve even remotely liked of his is Strictly Ballroom.

      • monky says:

        Plus, it’s raining today. :)

        • S says:

          Wow. That IS bizarre – I read your post and thought of those words. At the least it is a testament to the global span of his infectious mix. And I am with you on Strictly Ballroom. Moulin Rouge was a little beyond my grasp, I’m afraid. And I have watched it twice. By the way, do you know the back story on the words in sunscreen? The whole Vonnegut myth, etc? It is hard to believe that song is over a decade old. Well it’s harder to believe what’s happened in that decade.

          Anyway, here’s what I really think it is: your blog controls my brain through subliminal thought. Yep, that’s got to be it. So I was wondering… Could you post something about eating ice cream and drinking Chimay Ale maybe? OK, sorry about that brief rant of lunacy. It has been a long day during which I have had to yell at young lawyers who can’t think critically and can’t write worth crap but think they know all. And I am tired. And I do miss my knees… Have a good night!

          • monky says:

            Srsly! Moulin Rouge is one of THE worst films I have ever seen. I love some films in a so-bad-it’s-good way, but MR lacks any redeeming features from what I can remember of it. I remember when I first saw it openly guffawing at it (not with it) and wondering how something so bad could get made. I also lurve musicals and can appreciate camp and farce, so quite why I disliked it so much I have no idea. Probably the idiotic “story” if you can call it that? I spent the entire film wishing Nicole Kidman would just hurry up and die already.

            Young people that can’t think critically and can’t write coherently but think they’re all that? WELCOME TO MY WORLD :D