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How high? Real high ‘cos i’m just so fly…

Kriss Kross

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“I’ve been through it all, baby, I’m mother courage.”

Elizabeth T

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Jerome Delay/Associated Press

NYT – “Tracer bullets fired from anti-aircraft guns left light trails in the sky above the Libyan capital on Monday night.” (source)

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Musical Interlude – Gonzales

In between making mess and tidying up mess I found myself taking a tour to some of my musical loves of yesteryear.

Exhibit A: GonzalesTake Me To Broadway from Presidential Suite (2002)

I honestly believe this is one of the best videos ever made. The bit where he hits the tennis ball on the beat of the track? Brilliant.

(Chilly) Gonzales is a very interesting artist – he veers from electronic mockery to deadly serious piano pieces, all composed by himself. Here he is playing one of the tracks from Solo Piano (2004) Gogol:

Cool, huh? The image he portrays – either lounge singer, pianist with slippers or anarchic prankster – often doesn’t match your expectations – Gonzales one year can be completely different to the next. The videos are very important to “get” him. Here he is looking a bit of a mess playing Dot:

He’s a rapper that can’t really rap very well but that’s why I like him :D Never Stop from Ivory Tower (2010): HULA HOOPS!! and a cat on keyboards

Also from Ivory Tower, You Can Dance: (the slap cutaways are great)


Full of the Joys

take a sun bath

take a sun bath by Jennifer 真泥佛 [cc]

A weekend of doing more than is usual i.e. actually getting off my arse to do something more than eat and shower. Woo. Saturday trip round the shops with purchase of clothing that fits, followed by fixing of drawer bases and mass clear out of too small and rarely worn clothing. All of this resulted in less money in my bank account, more space in my wardrobe and three bags of cast-offs to be taken to the textiles donation bins at the supermarket. Result. Kinda.

When I wandered into town I was struck by the Spring in the air- the sun on my face, the blossom on the trees. Hurrah for the change of season.

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Queens of the Stone Age
from Queens of the Stone Age (1998)

Saw on Spotify that this album was being re-released and was reminded how totally fucking brilliant this track is… Find myself tuning out and getting seriously into the chorus part. It’s yummy.

Brings back lots of happy memories of obsessional lust and Josh Homme


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Sad St. Patrick’s…

Today at school we learnt of the death the night before of a Year 7 girl; it was an unexpected death that came after a couple of days of ill health. The police are investigating.

I didn’t teach her nor did I know her but it was a sad day, especially to see flocks of her little classmates weeping as they walked along the paths between the classrooms. Me and my form of Year 9’s attended a special assembly about it and then we spent twenty minutes having a chat – we contemplated our mortalities, discussed personal losses. The kids were most definitely down whether they knew her or not; they were quiet across Years 7-13 all day.

My first experience of death of a current pupil and it was interesting – and touching – to see one person’s loss rippling out across twelve-hundred…

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Think Positive

I get my kids to write an evaluation of their projects so that I can see how much information has actually stayed in their brains; today my (noisy!) group of Year 8’s were busily painting, colouring and writing as usual, but what was completely unexpected was this gem of a piece in one of their sketchbooks:

Self Belief

The girl who wrote this is a “Looked After Child” who is living with her grandparents as her Mum isn’t able to look after her. She joined the school mid-year and to begin with she was shy and terribly negative about her work, her abilities in the subject and indeed herself; I took a liking to her as bless her, she’s a bit wonky looking (!) and clearly had been having a hard time of it.

As the weeks have passed she’s come out of herself more and now seems to be rather confident in Art and much more confident in herself (she’ll see around site and let me know she likes my (not artfully) dishevelled hair or praise my stripy tights). De-constructing problems to help her fix them and lots of praise has resulted in a completely different child to the one that originally joined my class less than a term back. She’s generally focused on the task at hand and motivates the other low-ability kids who sit next to her, one of whom is very weak indeed (barely above middle-primary level).

When she showed me her book – “Finished, Miss” – and I read through it I tell you I became teary-eyed at what I saw before me- I was deeply touched at what she had written. I asked her whether she meant what she’d written or whether she’d just put it down because she thought it was what I wanted to hear but nope, she meant every word. I was so proud of her and told her so and then told the LSA and then showed the SENCO and a colleague. Then I photocopied it for posterity :)

She’s nicely matter of fact about her situation but I don’t imagine for one second it’s been anything but hard for her. The part about recognising that she has emotions and can work out what they are (after an exercise where I got the class to draw words like they felt – shy all pale and squished up in the corner of the page, bouncy pinging up and down, etc.) was especially illuminating.

When I spend what seems like so much of my time fed up or cross with things (management, lazy kids, parents, the world) it is BRILLIANT to see such progress.


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Mount Fuji In Red

From Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams (1990)

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The Outlaw – Ninos Santanicos

Jane Russell is Rio

Here is how I can manage to get from Jane Russell’s breasts to Mexican Satantists’ Children in the space of fifteen minutes:

I can’t recall seeing anything with Jane Russell in so when I noticed The Outlaw on the iPlayer I was inspired to do a bit of research.

Everyone knows about the Hughes-engineered bra (Russell used tissues instead) and the uproar the followed, but something caught my eye when I was browsing images of the lady herself:

Mozert Outlaw

It’s interesting to see how the artist adds to and stylises her sitter; the artist painting Ms. Russell in costume for the film poster is Zoe Mozert, who I remembered as a pin-up artist (I have a Gil Elvgren calendar this year).

Song of the DesertOn the Wikipedia page it mentions that her most popular image, was “Song of the Desert” (seen to the left here).

Lovely stuff i’m sure you’ll agree- fabulous colour and finish to the sitter’s skin.

It was sold via Grapefruit Moon who specialise in illustration pieces be it for advertising, posters etc. and they have a lot of quality stuff. I have no idea how much it sold for, but for a lesser Elvgren the asking price is nearly $100,000.


Anyway, so I keep browsing the Grapefruit Moon site and come across the quite frankly bananas collection of Mexican film posters in the Screening Room section:

Allll kinds of awesomeness!

Ninos SantanicosTranslated meaning Satantists’ Children it’s like the artist couldn’t quite get the kitchen sink into his design but got pretty much everything else.

The woman waiting to be impregnated, the babies in flasks, the evil doctor – Okay, but the space station? Just a little too much.

These Mexican posters are more affordable than the pin-ups (though still far out of my reach) but although awesome I still think i’d prefer a Petty calendar pin-up (it’s the translucency)…

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Splitting Earth


“CNN iReporter Brent Kooi catches the earth moving and cracking beneath his feet as the quake strikes Japan.”


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“I know it’s a jigsaw puzzle Gary… What of?!”

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Bat Love

Batman Arkham Asylum 12 by bigdigo [cc]

Spent the weekend visiting my brother whilst the Parentals are away on holiday for a couple of weeks. Secretly my brother has purchased a PS3 that he keeps hidden from my Parents (my Dad would probably throw him out if he found it) and so whilst they are away he is getting some quality time with his black box of tricks.

Just to explain a bit more, my bro has been without a full-time job for two years and as he’s working part-time at the moment my Dad would go bananas at the appearance of the new PS3; my brother last went on holiday three years ago and barely socialises or spends money on himself so he cannot be accused of profligate spending, however my Dad lacks understanding or compassion and although my brother is twenty-seven all of this amounts to fuck all as far as my Dad is concerned. UGH.

I’m not much of one for console gaming however Batman: Arkham Asylum blew my socks off with its brilliance. The look of it, the gameplay- just wonderful and really gripping. I am absolutely shite at fighting (usually resorting to pressing all the buttons at once) but I could actually “do” this game and string together the few button combinations that you actually needed to use (most of the time it’s the square button hoorah). Leaping from gargoyle to gargoyle before hanging upside down and performing an “inverted takedown” on a Joker thug up is awwwesome.

It has reawakened my love of Batman – damnit, he’s just a fictional character that is brought to life using code and wireframes however he’s pretty hot when he’s all scuffed and dirty. Plus, the voice of Kevin Conroy is yummy. Hee. Must crack open my old comics and get back into Bats.

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My Light Shines On

Movin’ On Up
Primal Scream

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Give Me Crack And Anal Sex

The Future
Leonard Cohen

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Swingle Singers

Bach – Suite no.3 – Aria sulla quarta corda (AKA)
The Swingle Singers

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