Crockett Lurve

CrockettSo now after a couple of episodes I have a new celebucrush to go along with my Hawaii Five-0, Scott Caan loving: Don Johnson as Sonny Crockett circa 1985.

I can multi-task after all…

Det. Crockett is too pretty but with too much of an edge to be standard pin-up material; the fashions are horrendous and I really should know better- Just like my so wrong yet so right appreciation of Sonny Crockett circa 2006 (as played by Colin Farrell). I should also say that I am only loving Johnson as Crockett when he is *not* rocking the mullet.

This afternoon I have been eagerly searching for a Miami Vice logo t-shirt, but alas I can never seem to find just the right one – I want the classic logo on a t-shirt that is not white or black.

I’ve also been daydreaming (and researching) about dressing up a la Crockett – the wide shouldered white suits and pleated trousers, the Ray Bans, the slicked back hair… I think an entire outfit would be *brilliant* but I think a hell of a lot of charity shop trawling is going to need to be done. I take my costumes *very* seriously as you might know.

I have an idea that I might enjoy being Crockett for an evening as dressing up all male can sometimes give me a little power trip that’s mighty enjoyable for a few hours.

It’s a bit odd having a celebucrush on someone who seems to be from a completely different time period from me but hey, whatevs. Gives me new daydream material… and I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of twenty-two episodes from the first season. Whooop!

2 Responses to Crockett Lurve

  1. S says:

    Coming from a land where all is dust and taupe, the brilliant Florida colors and pastels of this show stun the eye and mind. And in an organization where one is expected to color in the lines, a female taking ownership of the Crockett persona is just plain rich. Verdict from Tikrit: go for it. I hope you are well!

  2. monky says:

    Hi S! The passion at which this obsession has overtaken me is bizarre: I suppose some people obsess over cars or gadgets or clothing; I could say I have simpler tastes…? :D

    I am actually *excited* about becoming Crockett. Oh dear…

    I can say that as an Art teacher I often direct my pupils to colour within the lines, however as they mature I often encourage them to let things get a bit blurred, let a little mess into their work. Blur plus mess equals life I think.

    Hope you’re well and coping okay with the beige/camel/taupe onslaught. They should prescribe Miami Vice to give your eyes and brain a break. Actually, I think a paid vacation to Miami might actually be of more benefit…!