The Getaway

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to get away from one county and move via train into another to spend Christmas with the family. I am rather concerned that my journey might consist of three hours of standing up squashed against a teetering pile of suitcases with a little time sat on my arse on the carpet of the carriage just to mix things up; I hope this does not turn out to be the case. I also really hope that my train isn’t too delayed or cancelled – fresh snowfall predicted for the morning is giving me a bit of The Fear.

Anyway, not packed yet so will have to be up at a “reasonable time” as my Dad so annoyingly puts it; there will be absolutely zero posts whilst i’m away – this blog is important to me and it is important to me that my parents do not read it; thusly I am paranoid about doing so on the family hardware – I may Tweet annoyed utterances instead.

Have a safe, warm and comfortable festive period. Be well…

One Response to The Getaway

  1. S says:

    Have a marvelously Happy Christmas and enjoy your time away!