Academies R Us


Licorne by Pierre J. [cc]

1. This morning at work it was announced that our school is going to move towards becoming an academy.

2. As a “less academic” subject and thus less worthy, Art has been left off the English Baccalaureate in the government’s latest white paper. Strangely, Ancient Greek, Latin and Biblical Hebrew are all on there, but no Art, Drama or Design & Technology. So all the private or faith school educated pupils will be fine and dandy but there’ll be no-one about to design the chairs they sit on or the buildings they work in. WTF?

3. I am not able to go on the activity week to Wales next year because the department cannot afford to lose me as coursework marking will be taking place. This was not a problem last year because the Head of Department marked KS5 Art whilst the Photography course leader marked only KS5 Photography.

The new Head of Department is having to mark KS5 Art and Photography because she is responsible for both. Now, if they’d kept on the course leader position for Photography… Oh yes, that’s right. That would be the position that magically disappeared when I was in the position to get it. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Fuck You Management. You really do bite the big one.

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