Last Day

29 29, Yes! by OliBac [cc]

Last day spent in my twenties tomorrow; I am apprehensive yet positive about the coming decade- It’s the decade that’s more serious both personally and professionally.

Ho hum.

I’m “celebrating” my “big day” by getting my hair cut; i’m visiting my family over the weekend so I can look forward to eating lots of food I don’t have to pay for. Hurrah.

The following weekend is The Night of DESTRUCTION i.e. Friends, fancy dinner, Eighties Night, dancing and booze booze booze.

One Response to Last Day

  1. S says:

    Hey congrats! Best part about your 30’s is turning 30! (The rest is pretty cool, too) But you’ll wonder when you hit 40 why 30 was such a big deal! Enjoy yourself.