Do You Remember The First Time

Do You Remember The First Time?
His ‘n’ Hers

Long days at the chalkface at the mo sorting seating plans, termly outlines, tidying crap and dealing with problems within my form- Thirteen year-olds drinking at weekends, self-harming etcetera. UGH.

At the moment i’m having a nap when I get home as i’m wiped out before i’ve made dinner; sitting down inevitably leads to dozing. Not sleeping terribly well try as I might to resist the evil power of my blanket; I hope that as a few weeks go by things will even out. There seems to be so little time in the evenings, especially when I have to do work for school and the evenings are getting dark.

Emails i’ve meant to reply to have sat in my inbox for a month and I have loads of messages I need to reply to on OKCupid but never seem to get round to. Motivation is not the best at the moment… but I get to get out of school an hour early tomorrow as I have to teach through what should be my lunch hour. I am even going to try to leave when I should actually leave but knowing me i’ll have something to do that keeps me in school. Maybe Waitrose will be a good motivator :D

What I am managing to do is listen to a lot of music from the nineties; I vividly remember carefully copying out the tracklisting from Bobby Convey’s copy of Different Class onto my cassette inlay – black fineliner, having to decide what would become Side A and Side B… What an album.

ShareMyPlaylists – John Peel Festive Fifty – 1994

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