Oh, it’s all dramz at the mo with regards my future at school. At the moment the second in department is also the leader of photography and so gets remunerated appropriately for the extra time and demands that these two roles place upon her. Today the Head of Department – my boss who’s retiring – told us that she’d been told by her line manager that to save money – £80K shortfall ahoy – they might be getting rid of the second in department post and the Teaching and Learning Responsibility for photography. This would mean that if the second in department moved up to Head I would get ZERO additional money for the responsibilities. WTF. Shock and outrage was expressed by all.

I’m hoping it won’t come to it but there is NO way I am taking on extra responsibility for no additional pay. So photography – which attracts kids to our school, encourages lower-ability students to stay on, gets great results from the raw material and is a growing subject – might have to come to an abrupt halt. UGH.

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