This morning my class was missing one child who was stranded in Colorado post-skiing holiday, one in Portugal and one in New York. At least six staff are stuck scattered around the world and if there is a lot of illness the school is going to run into trouble, especially as so many will not seemingly be able to get back for at least another week or so. One of my Year 11 pupils is stuck in Spain and has been told that the earliest available flights to the UK were at the end of May. The END of MAY! Bananas.

On the subject of fruit (and vegetables), that blasted Icelandic menace appears to have started to affect the produce available to me; when I went for my weekly shop today I had to substitute or leave out a few things due to the empty produce bins that confronted me. On a better note I made Pad Thai – thanks Gordon – and it was great; a bit on the gooey-side due to too much egg and not enough noodles but darned tasty nonetheless. Though through making it I discovered that Nam Pla smells like I imagine death smells. Mmmm…

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