Less Good

Today I have spent most of my day feeling glum in a variety of places. I woke up and pondered MW#1 as I lay curled up with Patrick, remembering times in the past when me and MW#1 curled up together. This reminiscing elicited no warm and fuzzy feelings whatsoever. I then wondered whether this lack of sentiment was a temporary or permanent thing and whether it’s because i’ve moved on or because i’m feeling very down about it.

I pondered MW#1 in bed, I pondered as I stood under the shower and I pondered as I waited to pick up a parcel at the Post Office. Once home I tried to motivate myself into tackling some washing up but failed so I boiled the kettle for a cup of coffee which I then had to boil again as I had sat staring into space thinking for about fifteen minutes.

What to do…? Keep busy I suppose- Read, meet with friends, get out and run errands, cook myself tasty food. Contact lens appointment Thursday, Flambé’s birthday party Friday and then perhaps a birthday drink with Dr. Shrunk on Saturday. Then it’s back to the chalkface on Monday for the final stretch to the Summer…

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