Bobsled Woe


Bobsledding. I loves it. Watching four men whizz down icy half-tubes shouldn’t be so entertaining; alas the GB team lost it on a corner and ended up overturning :(

Corners eleven through thirteen on the Whistler Olympic track are dangerous, with the in-running speed high and corner thirteen sharp; the exit causes the sleds to lean dangerously to the right and so many sleds end up tipping into the wall and then overturning.

It’s always a big crash and if they do manage to keep upright at the very least their team get a hell of a hit on their helmets. Scary. It’s always rather worrying to see the sled speeding down the track belly up and then you have to wait as the rescue teams use hooks to pull the sled upright to see if all the occupants are in one piece.

Bobsledders embody my ideal man pretty much- well-built, powerful, broad-chested and shouldered with perhaps a little extra padding for insulation. Not ripped or terribly defined, just sort of capable looking. Sturdy. Oh and they wear skin-tight Lycra :D

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