Today went well in that:

Within the space of four hours I had a fine needle aspiration of my lump, an ultrasound of both breasts, a mammogram of both breasts and a core biopsy of my lump along with an aspiration of an over-excitable lymph node under my arm. Everyone was nice and interestingly, female and I didn’t have to wait terribly long between appointments, passing the time happily collecting acorns in Animal Crossing (it’s the Acorn Festival this week).

It also went well in that the fine needle aspiration of the lump revealed nothing obviously nasty. Huzzah. However, the words “Ooh… I’m not quite sure what this is” are words you really don’t want to hear from the Doctor as she slides the ultrasound probe around your breast. So although it’s *far* from bad news further information is required and so I have to go back next week to collect the results of the biopsy.

Whatever it turns out to be I will probably have it taken out; it’s over three centimetres in size and so they recommend that anything over this size is removed for safety’s sake. As I am young hopefully the tissue in my breast will slide back into the space that’s left from the removal of the lump so I shouldn’t be left with too much deformity of the surface of the breast; again i’ll find out more about this next Wednesday.

I’ve a fair few holes in my breast and one in my armpit; i’m a bit tender but not overly so. I found the whole experience good- Care taken, appointments well-organised; of course all the technology was super exciting and interesting to me- Oooh- I can see inside me! Look, there’s the needle poking in! I be dork. There did however seem to be a fair amount of miscommunication between what the Doctor told me and what went in the report the Nurse Practitioner read back to me; things were kept rather vague when the Nurse was explaining to me what they’d found and what it all might mean. Not so good.

Anyway, it could be one of the following things:

A Fibroadenoma (the mouse)
General hormonal hardening of the tissues
A Phyllodes tumour

Due to my Mum’s history – oddly, she had problems with her right breast too – I was given the choice whether or not to move myself into the “Moderate Risk” category and so attend screenings every year; I opted to keep an eye on myself and bring forward the beginning of regular mammograms i.e. start from the age of 40.

The medical people are going to discuss me at their meeting next week – fun! – and then i’ll have some hopefully more solid information so I can make whatever decisions I need to. I’m tired and a bit sore and I need a shower; my poor breast is swollen and interestingly coloured so I have to sleep with a bit of support tonight so I don’t crush the poor wee thing.

I must take some photos, then shower then bed. YAWN…

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