After being prevented from passing a quiet evening by the students two metres from my door – laughing, shrieking, clapping and the like for hours – at 12.30am I had finally had enough. Out I went stony faced on the preamble that I was taking a bag of rubbish out and on the way back I interrupted their card game to make my offence known.

What I meant to say was: “Hi, sorry, but could you please keep the noise down? I’m only a couple of metres away and i’m trying to sleep. Could you please keep the noise down after 11pm? Thanks.”

What I ended up saying: “Hi, sorry but could you please keep the noise down? I’m literally a couple of metres away and pretty much every night I am kept awake by *you* and *your friends* and to be honest it’s driving me crazy. I know i’m being a party pooper but if you could pleease keep the noise down after 11pm that would be reeeally appreciated.”


I now feel bad for ranting a bit at them when I don’t even know it is always them and have been spending most of the day trying to think up a suitable apology. I’ve not seen any of them on my travails today so I guess time will pass and there’ll be little point in apologising. I’m just gonna be that grumpy bitch from G8.

This is a rare case of me actually saying a bit too much – although it was truthful – rather than too little. Hopefully it’ll be quieter tonight and I won’t be kept up. It’ll be decidedly unamusing if another set of students keep me up… Fuuuuck…

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