Sexy Time

Live Science: Basis For Male Promiscuity Questioned
Population size is one such variable: both men and women will be selective about mates when there are lots of options — in a large city, for example. Conversely, neither gender will be choosy in low-population areas. In such a scenario, both men and women will take what they can get.

“We argue that the more flexible and variable human behavior is, the less powerful their explanation in terms of universal sex roles,” Brown tells LiveScience. “Males and females should perhaps not be characterized in the way normally presented by evolutionary psychologists … the idea that we can predict everything about human sex roles on the basis of the differential costs of producing eggs and sperm is simplistic.”
On a not-entirely-related note…

Mindhacks: Predicting the determined self-castrator
The Journal of Sexual Medicine has a surprising study looking at psychological attributes that predict which castration enthusiasts who will actually go on to remove their own testicles, in contrast to those who just fantasise about it.

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