I’m back to work tomorrow after three weeks away from the chalkface; I am looking forward to seeing my colleagues and even some of the kids, however I am slightly apprehensive as to what I will find when I take a look at their exam work.

I predicted that this year, just like last year, no-one in my group would get below a C for their final GCSE grade. I’m still confident this will be the case but there is always that niggling doubt in the back of my head that one of my charges will fuck up. I hope not. I hope that after two years of doing this they know what they should be doing, but unfortunately on that front I am far from confident.

Nose-wise things are good; I am a bit concerned that I still have unpleasant goop running down the back of my throat as I would have thought that the now three weeks’ worth of antibiotics would have cleared that up. I’ve got my first post-op checkup in a week or so, so I suppose I will find out then if things are going to plan. Ho hum.

At least this week I only have to teach four days out of five, as Friday is an INSET day, and as it is departmental promises to actually be useful for once, though we have a shitload of A Level marking to get through. Hopefully the leak through my ceiling that they thought they had fixed will actually be fixed; I also am in need of a goshdarned haircut, as the fauxhawk is getting a little much to handle. Unfortunately the lady who usually did my hair has left, so fingers crossed it’s not a total fraking disaster. God forbid I end up with a boring haircut.

Ah my exciting life.

Though at least as well as fretting over MW#1 I got to eat out and get me some steak last week; I met up with McCy and together we ranted about all manner of things over a delicious dinner. Good food + Good Company = AWESOMENESS

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