Original image by Stefan-Xp… My Photoshop mad skillz :D

Hooray! MR T is fixed! I am happy :)

The specialist garage I took him to was great, and the receptionist earned my love by getting her hands dirty bringing out my rusty, split exhaust and showing me where it had corroded away. So it wasn’t just me imagining the loss of power, and how it sounded like I was driving with a turbo when my ‘lil car is nowt but a glorified shopping trolley. A trolley I think of as a sports car, but it’s not quite the performance vehicle.

So they fixed it and now it doesn’t hiss as I drive and it’s back to being a nippy little thing. And best of all it didn’t cost an arm and a leg, which is uber important this month as financially things are looking rather tough.

Work starts tomorrow with an INSET day which is a downer but at the same time I feel a burst of happiness due to my newly well car. Huzzah.

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