Loss and Lust – Williams Teagarden Brown K-Doe

And things were going so well…

My first few days back at work have been very busy but very good- I’ve got more lessons to take not being an NQT any more and I am also teaching part of the AS Photography course. My form are lovely little (scared!) individuals who are friendly, good-humoured and polite- Long may it stay. Fingers crossed on that front…

Unfortunately this spate of lessons spent actually teaching and not performing crowd control ended today as I got to meet some absolute shocking Year 8’s who have definitely put a dampener on my enjoyment. They were notorious last year and seem to be lumped together in my class, which also happens to be full of lovely, wouldn’t-say-boo-to-a-goose girls who I taught last year. Ugh, they were fucking awful little bints, and i’ve got them again today. JOY.

The antibiotics continue to be popped and the infection continues to lurk; hopefully by Monday and the end of the course things will have righted themselves. I seem to have lots to do both inside and outside of school and I tend to come home and spend most of the evening trying to stay awake as I try and get through the paperwork for my classes and my form. There is a *lot*.

I’ve got out the orange blanket out for warmth and fuzzy comfort and I have a feeling I will be making use of it on an all too frequent basis as the term wears on and the weather begins to turn. Last night I snuggled down imagining I was curled up in a Hellboy-based hug… head resting on his broad chest and held tightly by his excellent arms…

Hey, blankets and fictitious characters are all i’ve got…

Also, Sarah Palin- WTF?

A summary of the soundtrack to my evening


Andy Williams – Can’t Get Used To Losing You

Jack Teagarden – Mis’ry and The Blues


James Brown – Cold Sweat

Ernie K-Doe – Here Come The Girls

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