Romantic Evening

Step inside my love ma-chine baby

Today I came home to an Indian Takeaway menu on the doormat, not a valentine. How kind. No steak and blowjob for me but salad in front of Supernatural and some rather less satisfying pornography.

Oh, Dean.

I’m going through one of those phases where porn doesn’t seem to work very well for me- I can’t find what I want and I feel a little glum when I download something. I find myself thinking about the real thing and obviously porn doesn’t compare. It’s not warm for one.

I will be spending this weekend being a slug – I’ve got the house to myself eee – No romantic meals nor opportunity to show my stocking tops. No-one to appreciate me. Just me, my blanket and Patrick vs. the outside world. Woo.

Just one day to get through, then i’m free for a week. At last…

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