Into The Breach

Off I go once more into the breach… Wedding of the Decade weekend starts tomorrow…

A few months ago I decided what to wear to my cousin’s upcoming nuptials; I knew exactly what I was going to wear and with what accessories. Come this week I realised that it was not going to be glam enough (thanks Dave) and so spent hours trawling round the shops looking for something appropriate.

Sadly, the majority of the pretty or sophisticated stuff on offer in most of the shops was around 100 quid over my budget. I found myself fighting to hold back the tears in House of Fraser as I looked at what I knew all the young professionals would be wearing- all of which I could not afford, all of which could not be justified as investment purchases as I had no personal events to wear them to and no-one to wear them out with. Anyway… over an hour later I managed to find a great dress for the majestic price of £45- strapless, black and white swirls, silky, prom-style; I even bought a goddamned fascinator. Yes. Really. I’ll look really lovely getting rained on.

All this cash being dropped for someone else’s party… and I will be spending my birthday escaping my family and travelling home. Funtastic. I know that at the wedding I will still feel awkward and like a pleb in comparison to the well-groomed professionals, that my Dad will make some disgustingly inappropriate comment about my appearance and that I will spend most of the evening sat at a table on my own. I am not sure whether drinking will help, i’m thinking i’ll try and keep it to a minimum and maybe slope off to my hotel room and read a book. Unfortunately I am going to be sharing with my Mum, so I can’t even feel glum in private. Eeee.

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