Point Blank

I have finally managed to get hold of a copy of Point Blank off eBay; It’s one of my favourite films, upon re-watching yesterday i’ve realised it may be my favourite. It’s vivid and bleak and violent and sad and beautiful, full of hope horribly crushed and brutal revenge. Visually it’s stunning and the performances by Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson are bold and honest.

Only one more day of freedom ’til part-time beckons. Ugh.

I feel inexplicably sore and also pretty tired- Yeah I know that i’m probably tired because i’ve been staying up too late and then having my sleep cut short by the terrorist cell next door but why do my calves ache?

If it didn’t hurt my knees so much i’d curl up in my imaginary lover’s lap and make my own peculiar noises of contentment as said imaginary person gently stroked my sore parts, but let’s keep working on the basis that it’s a fantasy and say that my knees don’t hurt.


* Strange contented monky noises

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