Good Two

I forgot to mention that I received a lovely bunch of flowers in celebration of my new job from Caversham Princess… Huzzah! Strangely, I like the deep purple carnations the best; usually I am not a fan of these flowers but they are very deep in colour, nice and rich.

So my first day teaching was really good. The worst thing the kids did was talk a bit much. That was it… Awesomeness. Is a much lower stress environment than my previous school and they take things much less seriously.

Day off tomorrow, and I shall be hibernating for a few hours before spending the day sorting through the reams of information i’ve been given over the last couple of days. I’ve resorted to sleeping in the Crow’s Nest since i’ve gone back to work as I am unable to do so in my own bed because the noise from the terror cell next door is too much. I really worry that getting six or so hours a night does not put me in the safest position to drive when I leave for work. Fuckers.

Environmental Health is coming round Thursday morning to listen to them; I hope they are behaving normally i.e. completely unreasonably. Not that anything will improve the situation- We are going to have to move, which makes me feel rather sad. Seven homes in as many years. I am tired of moving.

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