Bollocks. Ofsted are coming this week on Wednesday and Thursday. Oh dear…

3 Responses to Ofsted

  1. Bobby Convey says:

    Remember you’re a temp. It’s not your fault!!

  2. McCy says:

    Besides, some of us spend every single minute of every single working day dealing (via intermediaries) with them. I hear that word about 2 billion times a day. But, um, ‘good luck!’ or summat.

  3. monky says:

    Thanks for the kind thoughts! I didn’t do enough work over half term and it’s now come back to bite me… I hope to get through Wednesday in one piece… I could find that no-one comes to observe me (fingers crossed), then all I have to do is get through Thursday :)
    All this panic is just another acknowledgement that i’ve not been doing a particularly good job of late and it’s my fault… I want to keep some self-respect… Le sigh.