I am now installed on Facebook. I know- I said i’d never join… but what can I say- I’m an admitted hypocrite. So there.

Hooray for Friday,

2 Responses to Facebook

  1. Bobby Convey says:

    Oh how could you??? After getting “persuaded” to do myspace, which is as pointless as I imagined, I am know feeling the pressure to stick my ugly face on the internet, so that I can gawp and be gawped at by people for whom I couldn’t give a flying fig. Bum.

  2. monky says:

    I managed to resist MySpace… If I can help it I look at that bastard site as infrequently as possible (I can’t even be persuaded to become your “friend” so that I can see your poetry).
    Facebook is less annoying than MySpace as there’s no horrific music to be ambushed by nor any crap layouts. Is fairly pointless but I find myself browsing it on a semi-regular basis at the moment. I think it’s supposed to be very good for arranging meet ups, though why this is not just arranged using the new fangled tech of the telephone I have no idea…
    Thank you for the postcard btw- I most appreciated it’s longness. You had a good time I take it?