Mixed Bag

Poor baby

Assorted things that i’ve come across of late…

My favourite big gay cop takes a tumble: YouTube Chuck Liddell Vs Rampage Jackson

TV Links
Automatic photographic panoramas AutoStitch
Giant shiny transport planes All About Guppys
Attach Orbiter Here Image:Shuttle mounting point.JPG

Only Roy, only in clingfilm (Slash/Fan fic parody) Ulli’s Roy Orbison in Cling-film site
Imperial Walker papercraft SF PaperCraftGallery
Early Jim Henson: YouTube The real Computer Monster
Boing Boing Star Wars cake wars: Max Rebo pastry vs. Death Star dessert

Colette Hazelwood Message Bangle Bracelet
“Many are the stars I see but in my eye no star like thee” British Museum Gold ‘posy’ ring
Jewellery reflecting contemporary ritual Rituals
Beautiful, simple jewellery Grace Girvan

Oldie but a goodie Meg’s Boyfriend of the Week

Boing Boing Tattoo typography
Nowhere Gallery Riccardo Boldorini
NSFW Radar Online New Erotic Photography
NY Mag Reinterpreting Richard Avedon’s Portrait of Marilyn Monroe

“… Kultgen goes beyond the fear-of-commitment story that’s been pushed a thousand times (High Fidelity, Garden State, etc.) He rightly posits that if guys fear commitment, there’s a reason, and that reason might be that they can’t relate to the women they pursue. This scares them, because eventually they’re expected to marry one.

So they devolve into jadedness and cynicism as they approach marrying age, dating women whom they’re just not that into, feeling increasingly alienated and trapped, until they begin to loathe women in general.” Average American Male

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