Random clear out 1

A giant cleaning out of randoms that have held my attention for a microsecond:

A trip through my childhood utilising YouTube… Pigeon Street, Button Moon, Knightmare, Look & Read : Dark Towers (pretty scary on the carpet at primary school), Kids In America by what was the only celebrity sharing my birthday (Thank you Owen) and last but not least Pob.

Growing up and out and supposedly maturing… I have a particular unfortunate liking of They Way You Work It by EYC ~ Express Yourself Clearly!; disco hatred courtesy of Scatman John Scatman.

Photographs by Terence Nunn of disappearing London.

A cute as a button Roborovski hamster getting a little carried away on it’s wheel: Hamster Wheel Gone Wrong – Google Video

Editorial: Social scientist examines merits of the “wrestling causes violence” study being revisited this week

Two lovely ladies: FuckKill

Norman Rockwell’s The Problem We All Live With

The Only Art on the Moon

Instructables.com Step-by-step guide to make your own Lacerations

Dumbed down television it may be, but I do enjoy gaping at Around the World in 80 Treasures

Excellent collections of photography at Photomuse from the International Center of Photography

NSFW Super-hot photography including this delightful orgasm-in-progress from Samantha Wolov.

Eugh. My mind is overrun with dirty thoughts these days.

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