MW#1 Satan

MW#1 starts a new job next week working at the dark satanic mills of Microsoft. Typing “Microsoft is evil” into Google you come up with some interesting pages…

Everything2: Why Microsoft is evil
Wikipedia: Critcism of Microsoft
A personal view of Working at Microsoft

This is the best page. It contains the following interesting parts:

“… Some employees forget that most of the world doesn’t have broadband wireless networking, high-end consumer electronics, luxury vehicles, and enough money that they don’t need to live on a budget. Some employees spend so much time using Microsoft products, that they forget about the competition and/or lose touch with typical customers’ needs.” – See MW#1 already has all those things apart from the “luxury vehicles”, so we’re okay there.

“Microsoft also suffers from a phenomenon that I’ve seen at other companies. I describe this as the “personality cult,” wherein one mid-level manager accumulates a handful of loyal “fans” and moves with them from project to project. Typically the manager gets hired into a new group, and (once established) starts bringing in the rest of his/her fanclub. Once one of these “cults” is entrenched, everyone else can either give up from frustration and transfer to another team, or else wait for the cult to eventually leave (and hope the team survives and isn’t immediately invaded by another cult). I’ve seen as many as three cults operating simultaneously side-by-side within a single product group.” – I’m sure MW#1 would see being worshipped as a job perk.

“… these “cults” are a direct result of Microsoft’s review system, in which a mid-level manager has significant control over all the review scores within a 100+ person group (so it’s in your best interest to get on his/her good side), and conversely needs only a fraction of that group’s total support to succeed as a manager (so it’s in his/her best interest to cultivate a loyal fanclub to provide that support). The cult gives the manager the appearance of broad support, and makes the few people who speak out against him/her look like sour grapes unrepresentative of a larger majority. After a string of successes, the manager is nearly invincible.” – Nothing that going a little Terry Tate couldn’t fix.

“…cafeteria and company store prices have increased” – For unemployed bums like myself, this would be a problem, however for newly minted employees of the Evil Empire, it’s of little consequence.

“I sometimes joke that the day Microsoft stops providing free soft drinks, I’ll quit. At least, everyone else thinks I’m joking.” – This eventuality is easily covered through the use of military-grade Camelbaks.

“… the people Microsoft hires tend to be driven and a little socially dysfunctional. So employees already tend to screw up their relationships with others and focus on work to the exclusion of everything else, without any encouragement from Microsoft.”

Oh good gawd. Do we really need more dysfunction?

Of course, I would go work for them just for the food available, as I’ve heard from family up in Washington state that it’s pretty good and available 24hrs. So basically, my stomach triumphs over any moral objections that could possibly surface; somehow I see this as being more morally justified than working for them for the “luxury vehicles”.

That he finds interest, enjoyment and recognition in his new workplace is all that is important; a frustrated, unhappy MW#1 is not something the world ever needs…

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