Leia Ewok Village NotFL

So I prettyed myself up as best I could and went round to MW#1’s lair. I admired then critiqued his Tomb King army-in-the-making and we watched some UFC. After watching the replay about four times I finally spotted the obviously delightful sight of Tim Silvia breaking both the radius and ulna in his right arm whilst attempting to escape an armbar courtesy of Frank Mir. Ak.

MW#1 fed me vodka and orange juice and drove me crazy in a variety of devious ways as I stretched out on the sofa. A contest to try and hold a conversation as he ran his fingers through my hair was nigh on unwinnable. I must admit it was quite a struggle to remove myself from his terrible grasp to go and meet Leia Ewok Village and Woods, Tiger for birthday drinks- It was tough, but we managed somehow. En route of course I had to stop to adjust my heels, attempt to correct my dorky walk following the instructions of MW#1 and multitask managing my billowing skirt that threatened to remove all my dignity.

We met up with Leia and Woods in a hideous Young Professional hang-out. It was excellent to see them both with Leia looking most fabulous after her day getting painted, massaged and tended to by some beauty fascists. Me, Leia and Woods had a really good slightly inebriated chat about things and it once again reminded me of how we really should meet up more often. MW#1 tried to insinuate that I had been most inpolite when inviting him out last Friday but other than that I got the impression that he didn’t find meeting people too stressful…

With some assistance from me, he showed his prowess at drinking three bottles of beer at the same time- I know i’m easily impressed and all, but that was a pretty dumb but good party trick. No Flaming Lamborghinii of any sort were consumed Thank Christ. The following excellent exchange took place on the way back to his place:

MW#1 slides his arm round my waist…
I’m a bad girl
Yeah. Leia Ewok Village says I’m bad…
Cos I hang around with you…
Because I’m bad, or because you “could do so much better than me”?
No- not at all. They just don’t want me to get hurt.
Ah, they think i’ll kick you to the curb? Right?
Yeah… something like that.

What I should have said is something along the lines of –

“Everyone thought you were great; you seemed to care a hell of a lot for me- but of course everyone knows what happened, and they were all just as shocked as me. So they don’t want you to hurt me again, which they’re worried about and so am I. Savvy?”

But of course I couldn’t articulate that at the time.

It’s slightly unnerving behaving in one way when no-one’s looking and another in public; I feel I have to be careful that whatever is going on doesn’t turn into something similar to the thing with The Monster- used in private, disowned in public.

So we stumbled home via a close encounter with a lavender bush and a close brush with the removal of my dignity to Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow of which I paid as much attention as I could muster whilst curled in MW#1’s lap, though I did manage to get fairly freaked out by the cat noises Jackie Chan would induce whilst pouncing the evil betrayer of his master.

And so to bed.

In the morning I spent some highly enjoyable time being pawed by MW#1… he’d apologise and go “I’m sorry, i’m going to have to manhandle you now” queing laughter from me as he rolled me over, accessorised with very wide grin too of course.

I spent a long time ensconced under the duvet watching him paint his figures and listening to him talk expansively about Magic: The Gathering. This might sound dumb, but even though I did not understand the vast majority of what he was talking about, I just enjoyed hearing him be so passionate about something. Dumb, I know.

After a cup of tea in a Lita mug for me and a packet of Hula Hoops for him we went our separate ways after stocking up on junk at McDonalds. On our way there MW#1 went on a rant that left me feeling fairly confused and concerned… I don’t know whether it’s me at issue and the uncertainty of everything makes things difficult; I just want to try and help him to rest easy within himself… but is all my care misplaced and am I heading for yet another fall…?


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