Twenty-five more two

  1. I have been known to find rape scenes in films arousing. Yes, I know. Do you think I want to be turned on?
  2. I used to giggle far too much when Val Venis would do his towel/grinding thing.
  3. If I won the lottery I think the first car I would buy would be the old-style Honda Civic Type-R. Then I think I would buy a 1960’s Mustang or maybe a Camaro.
  4. A ride in a Peugeot 106 at 100mph+ was the most fun I have ever had in a car.
  5. I come across as quiet and introverted to people I do not know, but as time passes I “blossom” into a riot.
  6. I find men in uniform hot.
  7. Non-familial family aruguments make me feel very anxious.
  8. If I make a mistake I usually apologise for being born before the other can criticise. Or I try and pretend it’s not happening. I think this behaviour is derived from fear of my Dad.
  9. I open cereal packs on a particular side- the one with the scientific data and ingredients on.
  10. I went through a phase of thinking my right hand suffered from favouritism so if given a choice I would always pick things on the left to even the score.
  11. I regret my performance the last time I was in bed. I need time to practice on someone first and I need to feel secure. I feel so dorky and that I am letting my partner down.
  12. I’ve been told I have nice shoulders. This was a compliment I enjoyed.
  13. I have neither an inny nor an outy belly button. Sort of a small hollow.
  14. I have an overhang.
  15. Some people think I am childish because I am into having fun and am interested in lots of unusual things. These are the same people who think I am stupid and try and take advantage.
  16. I like a man that can manhandle me. You know, pick me up, wrestle, that sort of thing.
  17. I enjoyed my last bed-partner more than my previous one. There are benefits to being a confessed manwhore.
  18. I think white limousines are tacky. Me and Madonna agree.
  19. I would like to be blindfolded and get off.
  20. I would like to be tied up/cuffed and get off.
  21. I am always amazed anyone does anything for me.
  22. I am very bad at keeping in touch with people (sorry Madame Murty, Mrs Joshua Jackson, Muff, Leia Ewok Village, Mr Hughes, Hello Dave/Jonny Vegas, Ra and My Gorgeous Texan
  23. I find MW#1 intimidating when he gets close to me.
  24. I would like to get another tattoo. I think I would pick a design I saw in the British Museum in the Wellcome Gallery of Living and Dying or something dark and floral.
  25. My favourite flavour of ice cream is Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Mmmm.

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