Random stuff… Tie-in Lego is

Random stuff…

Tie-in Lego is bad, except for Star Wars and these Batman sets. I’ll have the action figures only please.

Interesting selection of beautful portraits, really intense sexual settings and use of glam faux-corpses to sell shoes: Loic Peoc’h NSFW

Continuing the death sells theme: Izima Kaoru

Variety and quality of work from many photogs: Art Department Photography

And finally, the excellent Sex In Art NSFW

As it was payday for me today (my last of the course) I went for some retail therapy. Or at least attempted to, as I ended up with two jumpers and a pair of trousers as everything else I tried on was clearly designed with the 13 year-old Sienna Miller wannabe in mind. Yes, I bought jumpers as it is very cold in my residence at the moment, as the powers that be think that by this time of year we should obviously be sweltering so there’s no heating. Brrr.

I know i’m not anorexic nor am I obese but I seem to be outside the norms for body shape if what I tried on is the standard bodyplan of women in this country. Well I know I am- looonng legs, flat backside and a short podgy torso, broad shoulders and sturdy upper arms- built for go rather than show, baby. I don’t fit.

Plus although it’s cold outside it’s the time of year of the bikini onslaught- the floaty dresses, bikinis, short shorts and bright colours of the Summer. It’s slightly depressing in that I don’t fit (bikinis ak!) or don’t have the confidence (bikinis again…) nor do I have the holiday or occasion to wear any of these things to. I’ll just stick with my jumpers.

I also bought Jamie Lidell’s Multiply- An excellent purchase. I’ve got the first Super_Collider album but this is very different; Lidell’s voice is fabulous and is fully utilised on Multiply’s electronic-soul outing.

Will be Totally Non-stop Actioning at Mid Atlantic’s tomorrow. I was looking forward to it but after hitting myself enough times I am now suitably resigned.

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