So after essentially giving up on my essay with 2000 words typed and my printer running out of black ink on the morning I was due to hand everything in, grovelling got me until Friday. Sigh.

I have greatly enjoyed my three skool-free days; the end of my course is nigh and once i’ve handed in my essay it’s pretty much downhill from then onwards. I have enjoyed being skool-free far too much I think. It’s not even the extra hour in bed that makes it good, I think it’s the feeling of freedom. Not that I have any, as I am still forced to go to university, but it just feels different I suppose. I’ve had junk food for lunch for two days in a row now. Woo.

Once I’ve finished off Friday I am greatly looking forward to spending the evening getting dressed up, going out and having several drinks with close friends. Rehashing the Mid Atlantic incident whilst inebriated is like, super fun, and at least means I can laugh about things as I rant. Yay.

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